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Cellar Studio #3


Filling in the walls (Finally).

Did a handful of research on minimizing vibration, moisture, echo, etc.  Some good tips from AcousticFields.Com on layering and material types.


A layered Approach

Arrangement and assembly processes of one’s chosen layers, must also be considered. Depending on the amplitude of the outside energy trying to get in, we may use different materials in different layering arrangements. If we are trying to minimize lower frequency vibrations, we may choose a completely different approach in materials and the assembly or layering of those materials than if we are dealing with a middle or higher frequency range.

Material Types

What kind of materials can we use? What are good “layers” to use? Concrete is one, along with steel. Vinyl can even be a layer of material in our studio wall. The air we breath and even the insulation we put in our walls to keep heat and cool in and cold or hot temperatures out can be considered as a potential layer. Plant materials are popular today. Cork would be an example for this category.


I created an acoustic channel of sorts between the drywall and the studs and loaded it with acoustic wall insulation. Also included the ceiling to help with overall sound absorption and whatever moisture could occur.  I did choose a corner of the cellar where there is NO PLUMBING of any sort in the ceiling area to avoid any potential leaking.

looking at double paned, noise reducing glass for the control room window. I probably over did it on the number on electrical outlets, but didn’t want to have power strips laying around.


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