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The ‘Pink’ Giger – Ibanez RGTHRG2 Project Build


ALIEN FAN. GIGER FAN. Bought used on the cheap. Great sounding, great playing, neck-thru guitar with a mahogany body. Build quality is excellent IMO. Original year/name/model is 2006 Ibanez RGTHRG2 NY City XI (Exotic)


My Mods:

  • Removed matte finish from back of the neck (5-piece/neck-thru/maple and walnut)
  • Replaced the stock Ibanez Edge Pro II Tremolo for a Cosmo Black Ibanez Edge Pro ( YES, it fits!)
  • Replaced the stock Ibanez INF (Infinity) pickups with Seymour Duncan’s (Pink Duncan Distortion/Bridge, White Full Shred/Neck)
  • Replaced the stock RGT tuners with Cosmo Black Ibanez GOTOH Prestige tuners.
  • Added Titanium nut clamping screws, titanium saddle mounting and string lock screws.
  • ‘Until The Bones’ pink graphics along the bottom edge
  • After market, chrome tremolo bar
  • LOADS of chipping 😛

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