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Saddle Screws Eating My Hand


I picked up a used RICHIE KOTZEN TELECASTER some time ago – SOUNDS huge, GIANT neck – def took some getting used too for me – The 12″, straight radius by Fender is awesome. Several mods as well that I’ll post separately.

BUT – the saddle screws literally ate away at my hand (palm)… – finally got to ordering some shorter saddle height screws for the bridge saddles this week. Just dropped them in for tomorrow’s session.  It will be like NEW TELE DAY.

The bridge on the Kotzen Tele is a GOTOH Modern Telecaster bridge.  These are Metric M3 x 6mm if you have the same bridge (and the same issue). Also, for f*cks sake, DON’T GRIND THEM DOWN,  just buy shorter ones. 😛 has been a great resource for finding this kind of stuff and at very reasonable prices.



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