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Ibanez Edge Pro Fine Tuner Mod


I recently replaced the fine tuners on my Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo with chrome colored, steel versions – If you’re attempting this, you’ll find the stock fine tuners on the Edge Pro won’t back all the way out and forcing them out will only strip out the threads and potentially ruin your bridge.

There’s a small, black metal washer/clip on the end of each screw that comes stock from Ibanez that keeps them from backing (or falling) all the way out.  You’ll need to snap each one of those off first in order to remove the screws from the bridge housing.

I used a very small, flat-head screwdriver to gently apply pressure to each and snap them off. Pic is of the old fine tuner and clip on the right and the new chrome version on the left.

Sourced the fine tuners off of eBay. Check out seller hoockey.

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