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Fender FSR Super Strat Partscaster


Another Partscaster project…clearly this is becoming an addiction – Ebay impulse buy of the day, a satin-matte-black Fender FSR stratocaster body for $50 – …parts list below. Break in begins –


  • Warmoth ‘Modern’, maple on maple, stratocaster neck with vintage tint. 10-16″ Compound Radius, Standard Thin profile, Dunlop 6105 Stainless Steel frets. **Received this neck from Warmoth with the tint actually covering the frets (WTF Warmoth?) – was as if they dipped the whole neck in the tint after it was fretted.  No bueno. As I was cleaning it up, I ended up wearing the tint on the fretboard as well – so…I went with it – Ended up liking both the feel (and look) better, but not what I was planning…really like Warmoth necks overall – this was my first whacked experience with them.  All ended well tho’…
  • Matte Black Sperzel Locking Tuners.
  • Fender Waterslide Restoration Headstock Logo
  • Super-Vee Bladerunner black tremolo
  • 920D Loaded Custom Pickguard (Black) – Super 5-way switch, 500k, Seymour Duncan JB Bridge / 59′ Neck – Black screws
  • Black Charvel Dome Style Knobs – Volume / Tone (not pictured)
  • Floyd Rose Heavy Tension (Red) Tremolo Springs
  • ‘Custom’ skull n’ crossbones neck-plate, black
  • Black Dunlop Locking Strap locks


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